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well...yea lifes been boring lately. babysat yesterday but had to give all the money i made to my sister cuz i owe her practically millions of dollars. but now nothing cuz i told her i'd take her to get a pedicure. haha.

after babysitting went with my mom and my sis to get pedicures for mexico. heck yes! mexico tomorrow until the 17th!!!

uhm...amanda's over right now. we're watching the first pirates of the caribbean...cuz...in 2 hours we're leaving to see the second one!!! haha yes gotta love late night movies!!! eeee!!!

ughmdasklbjealjbl;dj yea so im going to go finish the movie...and no i dont want a banana

pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft amanda says.

she hits me on the back...ow and does a raspberry.

now she laughs at my spelling skills.

now im laughing...and amanda. at the fact that my ssiter is falling asleep outside. that fact kills amanda.

and forces her to bite my shirt. uhm...yea

ok so im going now.

so last night was the cub scout overnight thing...i guess you could say it was...fun. lol

ok so first i got there and we went in the pool, played marco polo like usual, got out, humg out, brooke and michelle got there, they went in the pool, me and stella hung around the fire where they were cooking dinner, i went back in the pool and played marco polo with brooke and michelle in the deep end (woo that was fun! lol) had dinner.

uhm...after dinner we hung out and then they lit a fire and we all huddled around it. did the bazooka bubble gum song! (woooo band camp!!! lol) got really hyper off of that. then they did a skit...pretty cool. then another one where brian had to pick 5 people out of the croud and it was me, stella, and some little boys. so they took us away and took us back one at a time so when i went (they did the same thing to everyone but w/e) i had to stand in front of a bench and do whatever brian did...so i did that and i heard this thing behind me of dripping water and i turned around and saw them with a rag soaked with water that they were putting on the bench so when people sit down they get wet...so i beat them...but when stella went...hahaha she was shocked! lol

so then us teenagers went into the gazebo and listened to music then started playing 10 fingers. then we moved to a table near the playground to continue playing cuz we were too loud. surprisingly kenny wasnt the last one with fingers (he's so innocent! haha) then...we played hide and seek, then truth or dare (didnt work at all)

uhm...around 1 brian decided to skinny dip in the pool...then jason did too..haha ew.

we snuck out of the pool area into the parking lot. some people went to get food so left was me, stella, brooke, kenny, matt, and nicole left in the parking lot cuz it was after cerfew in vallejo and we're like "im not getting caught" so the others get back and are telling us how a cop came up to them or something or another. pretty funny.

so then we go sit in an alley way area by the kitchen and brian found pink champagne so we drink that, then they try to go through the window into the bar area but that doesnt work, then they find a golf cart so they go over there. so left sitting in that area are me, michelle, brooke, matt, and a few others so matt goes into the area looking for more champagne but comes out with a carton of orange juice so me, him, and brooke, michelle a little, start chugging the orange juice. tasted good! then they find eggs and start throwing them into the trailer park and then someone decided to be smart and throw a bird house at the floor and make a huge noise. and then...we just hang out. we're freezing so they go to try to open the hot tub door to the room so we can get in. so im sitting at a table with stella, kenny, daniel, trevor, and nicole waiting for them thinking how stupid they are and they're really loud (this is around 230 in the morning. and then the others come back and go over to the playground and sit over there. us sitting at the table are hella tired and if the others get in trouble for being loud we dont want to get in trouble so we go to sleep. well a lot of us (me, kenny, trevor, daniel, matt, and some others) are sleeping on those lounge beach chair things with our sleeping bags and i didnt check mine before i came b/c my little brother took mine...so it turned out that mine didnt zip...so i was shivering all night and woke up with my toes numb.

so in the morning we all had coffee and hot cocoa and hung out. kenny was trying to put the movie screen away so he tried to jump off a table to reach it and he wound up breaking a hole in the table which is hullarious b/c he's hella skinny. then we have breakfast and all of us sit on like 3 lounge chairs and eat. and we just sit there until we all leave.

it was pretty funny cuz eric (the guy who set the whole thing up) like asked all of us teenagers what happened last night and if we noticed anything wrong with the bar window it was funny especially cuz practically the only person he didnt ask was kenny and he's like the only one who would tell the truth.

anyways im hella tired so im going back to sleep
today was the last day of camp!

we went to the pool today. it was fun

im going to miss my den

yay in 20 minutes im leaving for the overnight! get to see brooke!!!

me and stella braided our friend matts hair...we're doing it again tonight. going to be fun

im sleeping under the stars tonight!!! im roughing it!!!

ok gtg

tomorrow is the last day of camp... :(

im sorta dissapointed cuz i have had a lot of fun especially with my group. i have the cutest kids!!! 2 of them are 5 and the other two are 7. but they are adorable!!!

so yea today i actually got to sleep in for the first time all week! but then camp didnt end until 8 tonight cuz there was a dinner program. yup...uhm...

tomorrow is the overnight thing. its going to be fun! haha mainly boys...besides me, stella, brooke, and one other girl that i know of...! lol at it me and stella are going to braid my little brothers hair and paint his toenails and then we're also braiding our friend matts hair that is sholder length and curly.. so i was talking to my friend brian yesterday at camp and we were talking about having another "wet tshirt contest" so i have to go buy water balloons and he's bringing buckets so after all the little kids go to sleep we're going to have it with all the teenagers probably and then we were also talking aabout all of us sneaking out and going to little ceasers or something right down the street. iono it will be fun w/e we do!

my mom got home from missouri (sp?!) today. yay!

today we made puppets at camp and i started making a harry potter one. i need to finish it though. its awesome!

hahahaha amanda's going to get a stationwagon with spinners! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

o god it was so funny today my "assistant" guy got his in the nuts with a soccer ball today durring sports and he fell over in the fetal position and he was lying there for like 3 minutes and today in scout skills we were making stretchers and scout skills was like 40 ft away and i was talking to the guy who ran sports and was like "you should go get the stretcher!!!" so he ran over there and told matt and kenny (the two guys running scout skills) and you know in old movies with ambulances and stuff how they run with stretchers? well they ran over like that with the stretcher and it was funny!

ok well i need sleep so im not TOO tired tomorrow. gosh finally last day of camp!!!

adios everyone
omg im so tired!!!

-ok so sunday i helped do the planting flag thingies for band. i picked marilyn up at 650 cuz brooke told us it was at 7. so we drive to joe henderson...but no ones there so we go to the hs and ms to see if the place got changed and we were just left out. no ones there. i call katie and she says 730. so we go get starbucks and go back to joe henderson and start planting flags...wooo! it was long...but actually more fun than i thought it would be. then after that me and megan went to marine world b/c my friend alex was there and she lives in sacramento so i get to see her only limited times a year so we went. it was freaking hot!!! and crouded. we were there for like 4 hours...we went on 4 rides! lol

to top that whole day off...i woke up at 2 on sunday morning cuz i couldnt sleep so i only got 2 and a half hours of sleep. great isnt it? so i went to sleep at 8 last night

-so today my dad comes in my room to wake me up at 6 cuz i volenteer at my little brothers cub scout day camp each year and i was barely able to get out of bed i was exausted. so i get there around 7 and go hang out with the other teenagers who volenteer cuz the director person isnt there yet and yea. (unlike last year when i wasnt social cuz i didnt know any of the people my age!) then preston and someone i donno got there b/c they're doing it too i guess and i was like "he hsnt done it before...hm..he's going to have fun!" (his kids were attacking him practically later the day) so diane (the director) gets there and we get our jobs and set up the camp. me like usual am one of the den leaders (thank god i only have 2 kids in my group this year!!! last year i had like 8 and we always go around with another group and i was with my friend stella and two of our kids kept getting in fist fights...it was horrible!!!) so yea. the morning went fine we had lunch and got another kid added just for the afternoon cuz he didnt have his swimsuit to go swimming (the older kids went today...my group goes tomorrow) and he was the cutest little kid you ever saw! so we do arts...and then we go to waterguns. now my friend stella...her group was over at archery which is right next to water guns. well...my group was done doing water guns and they started playing football with my "assistant" den leader person guy...so me and stella start shooting the water guns at the target. then of course you know what happens next...we start shooting eachother and then we start shooting our friend jason (who was running the water station) b/c he was telling us to stop and we didnt want to listen. then since he wasnt wet enough we went and hugged him.

so....we go to different stations...my group goes to sports. we play softball (yay!) and then we go to archery. low and behold...stella's group is at water guns! lol. so yes...her group starts playing football and since i have an assistant den leader and there's nothing to do cuzthe person running archery was talking with them...i go over to stella. we start talking and our friend josh comes up and pours a bottle of water over us. so we run and get the squirt guns and he grabs one of those big water jugs full of dirty stream water and we get into this big thing and then our friend brian and kenny come and get into it too (they had just gotten back from the pool and they're not den leaders) so now its brian and josh with the huge water jugs and its me, stella, and kenny with squirt guns. so we are soaking wet (sadly with the icky stream water :( ) and then the "range master" (archery leader person guy) comes over and is like "you guys need to stop having a wet tshirt contest and watch over your den" so then we all compare our shirts just cuz and it turns out mine and brians are thourougly (sp?!) soaked so we decided we tie for first. so then all 5 of us go and play football with stella's group and it was fun.

so then we do closing flag and brooke is there with her mom to pick up her little brother. i go over and talk to her and she hands me this plastic rubbery chilli pepper thing and she's like "i have found us rasputin II" so im like YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! and then brian comes up behind me pretending to throw water at me. then we have a staff meeting after everything is picked up...

so yea basically they were saying how much they appreciate us young volenteers and yellling at us to stop being immature and how they dont need any more "cub scouts" saying how we were more immature then them and all that stuff...yea i get it we shouldnt have done that...but most of us hvnt seen eachother in a year and what else are we supposed to do. you cant help your kids with anything...they arent doing crafts or what not. and besides...it was too fun not to do it! hehe. anyways...so im still damp and that was like 2 hours ago. but im going to go shower cuz that water is disgusting!!!

haha cant wait for tomorrow when we go to the pool! haha
so my mom woke me up today and was like "do you wanna go shopping" so im like heck yes!!

so we were at hte mall from like 1030-4ish and it was awesome. finally got bunch of new cloths.

so like this new swimsuit...and you know those security things on them that are like magnets and if you try to take them off ink or something comes out...well i dont know why but when we bought it the person didnt take it off and for some reason when we left the store the alarm didnt go off...so we get home and im taking my stuff out of the bags and i grap my swimsuit and im thinking "this is heavier than a swimsuit should be" low and behold...the securitything is still there so now i can use that swimusut until my mom takes it back and she's leaving for minnesota tomorrow until thursday so i cant go swimming in that one and im going swimming twice next week. yippee! hehe

but yea...i feel artistic cuz i found my knitting junk and ijust started knitting yesterday and i decided to make a bag. im almost done too!!! i just have to make the strap now. arent i special!? hehehe.

yay next week im working at my little brothers cub scout day camp! woot woot!!! yea they're all little, but some of the guys that volenteer like i do are hot!!! and one of myfriends is doing it again this year so its going to be awesome! and then next friday im going to the sleepover for one of the levels at the camp with brooke cuz she wants me to do it with her this year. so thats going to be fun!

ok well my sister wants the computer so i guess i'll let her. adios
i went to sacramento today for my friend jason and my friend alex's dad birthday party. ive known them all my entire life so its pretty freaking awesome

so we got there and we were the first ones and then jason and his family got there and he decided to bring his girlfriend. so i hung out with alex like usual cuz we're like this *crosses index and middle finger* b/c ive also known her all my life and we were just swimming in her pool and being cool then we decided to go inside and watch tv. so we watched twightlight zone the movie and its awesome. then we had dinner ate that on the swinging bench. went and watched more tv just skimming through channels. then our friend reanne got there but didnt even come say hi to us cuz she is friends with jasons gf lisa-marie and decided she was cooler then me and alex i suppose. so then we start watching signs cuz its awesome and jason, reanne, and lisa-marie walk in and join us. then me and alex get bored and go into the pool again and get my sis and lil bro to come in too and play marco polo with the pool light off. then sadly we had to go.

but like me and alex really dont like jasons gf. she's really ugly and like really tries to exclude herself from people she doesnt know. doesnt want to get to know them or n e thing. and she was practically all over him all day and it was really annoying cuz like we couldnt talk to him and i barely ever get to see him cuz he lives in sacramento but w/e...me and alex had fun talking about her. lol

omg im so excited. so my dad came up behind me in the pool and pushed me under and when i came up he was like "you wanna go to disneyland?" and i was thinking this week cuz my mom and sister are going on tuesday and so i said "hell yea...we should see if alex can come too!!!" and then he was like 'no we'd be going WITH her" so it turns out most likely for like 4 days in august me my dad, alex and her dad are going to go to disneyland and universal studios and we might do medival times and its going to be freaking awesome if we go! so yea ive been soooo excited all day!

well now im really tired so im going to go to sleep
so i just about fucking hate umpires. well not all them. some are awesome. but the ones who dont even know how to fucking call if its safe or out are stupid and they should all die!!!

so yea in softball this week we are having the tournament to see who gets 1st 2nd and 3rd...well my team had been doing really good and if we won tonight we wouldve at least gotten 3rd...so we were doing really good when we started. everyone was having a good time...even though it was freezing cold cuz it was 8 at night at community park and sprinkling. we were really hyper and in the game!!! we were leading 3 to 1 (which is good cuz we were playing a good team) and then the stupid ump in the field called the freaking person safe when the ball got to the base a good 2 seconds before she did. even the ump behind the plate (cant remember his name at the moment but he's awesome) called it a out and like we had our catcher walk up to the other ump and she said "what are you thinking?!" but no it was still safe. even though everyone saw the ball got there 2 seconds before the person. ahhhh!!! and then that happened probably another 3 times. and then in the last inning (we had to go into overtime cuz it was tied by then) my team was up and we had last ups and we had a runner on third. so the person up to bat hit the ball and was running to first and yea...she wouldve been out but the first baseman was on the orange side of the bag and thats for runners so technically she was safe and we wouldve won if the fucking umpire would learn to fucking ump!!! so yea my whole team was ready to jump the ump after the game. we were seriously planning an attack. but so yea we're out of the tournament and we were hella pissed. doesnt that just make the perfect ending for the last game of the season. yea i thought so.

anyways...on a brighter note...went to marine world with annmarie today. was pretty freaking awesome!!! we went on medusa first and there was this guy behind us when we were going up the hill he was like "oh my hell!!!" and we were cracking up about that for the whole ride. it was hullarious! we said it on every ride for the rest of the day. and then on hammerhead there was this guy sitting across from me and he was chewing gum and when we started moveing he was like "o shit my gum!!" and i was thinking "fuck no" and then he said "i swallowed it. ugh!!!" and like im thinking THANK THE LORD!!! but yea we went on roar like 3 times in a row and took different poses for each time for the pic. uh...we got henna tattoos cuz we're cool....

yay on friday i get to see my cousins!!!

saturday i get to go to my friends birthday party!!! woooo!!! exciting. haha last year my friend got drunk at it. it was HULLARIOUS!!! anyways i just watched saw with mi padre and im tired so i go to sleep now and think about how much i fucking hate umps!!!
omg im sitting on the coach on my laptop and trevor comes running in going to lock all the doors so my little brother cant get in the house and now he just opened the garage door and locked the garage door and its hullarious. im laughing so hard im crying. hahahaha omg. this is hullarious. he's still out there.

now trevor just made it so the doorbell wouldnt make noise and my younger brother i just heard him scream "WHAT?!?!" hahahahaha omg this is hullarious!!!

ok well i have to go wipe my eyes now im bawling its so funny!!!