well today i hung out with someone...for the first time since like last fiday! and i was hanging out with alyssa my best (was going to say 8th grade but she's a freshman now!!!) she's one of my best band friends. so i went over to her house and we swam for like 2 hours and then my mom came to pick me up and brought us over to my house. and she stayed for a couple hours and we just hung. it was pretty fun. im happy now cuz i hvnt seen her since band orientation.

"attempted" to practice the march today. actually made a BIG improvement cuz i hvnt had a lot of time to practice and i have a sectional tomorrow. i can play it all now...just need to get all of it up to speed. im going to suck at band camp...im leaving nxt wednesday and not getting back until like 11pm the sunday before band camp :\ at least i'll be having fun in disneyland!!!

PEANUT BUTTER!!! hahahahahahahahaha you wouldnt understand!