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well i just got back from mexico around 9! yay its good to be home.

lets just say these past 11 days have been the BEST ive had in a while. i cant even begin to describe how awesome they were...cept for thursday...when we went on a snorkeling thing and it sucked and we rode horses up to a waterfall and when i was getting off the horse i wasnt paying attention and it started walking forward and stepped on my foot. so i have this huge ass scab on my foot (yea you all want to know that) and we're pretty sure its not broken but it hurts like you wouldnt believe.

anyways...so yea the hotel room we were in was HUGE!!!
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our room was where its circled. it had the best view, we got upgraded to that room for free (one of the biggest ones there and we only bought a 2 room one with the time share that one was 3) had a hot tub and it was just gorgeous.
the pool had a waterfall, they had theme dinner nights (those were fun) they had the best itallian restaurant and we always had the same waiter and that was awesome cuz he was awesome. and you could just walk down the beach to this town called bucerias which was fun.

so yea most of the time we would just swim in the pool and the ocean (it was soo warm! awesome!) i have improved my boogie boarding skills significantly. finally got some what of a tan (haha like i could ever get one!) finally accomplished my goal of jumping on a trampoline in the water.

but along with accomplishing a goal...i also got two new fears...hahahahaha

the first one came when i got stepped on by the horse...im now scared of the dismounting part of riding a horse...and on saturday night i was riding in the elevator with my mom and little brother and we were on the 7th floor(8 in total) and we wanted the 1st floor. so it went down, but didnt stop and went down to the basement, jerked, started going up...did not stop on the 1st floor, went all the way up to the 8th, jerked (that scared the fuck out of me) and finally when we got back to the 1st floor we decided to push the open door button and we seriously ran off the elevator. haha.

uhm...lets see, n e other major events...o yea!!!

so we signed up for swimming with dolphins. it was one of the best expeiriences (haha cant spell) of my life. it was EXTREMELY fun. i will never forget it.

the day after the dolphin thing, me and my mom went to the hotels spa and got massages and facials. that was awesome...

uhm...yea but basically we just swam and hung by the pool and yea. but it was one of my best vacations.

im very happy to be home though...now im looking forward to my dad's bday party this saturday, going to washing to visit one of my best friends i hvnt seen since january, then disneyland with one of my other best friends...and then the day after...wooo band camp isnt evryone just so excited for that?! haha
yea... scary thouhgt. i leave for minnesota next weekend and i get back the day before band camp. guh.