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ferretxqueen's Journal

9 November
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Well my name is Brittany. I am 14 years old and am a freshman at BHS. I play the flute in the band! Yup I'm a band geek! Have been since 5th grade...well I've been in band since 5th grade! I'd have to say I'm pretty damn good at playing the flute! Not to be pompous or anything! hehe...well...i also play the piano and take lessons and i play softball and those 3 things are the main things i do out of school...besides hang out with friends! My friends are my life and I dont know what I would do without them. Well...um...I absolutely love Harry Potter and everything to do with it! Yes...that is my obsession at the moment. Well I dont know what else to write...so yea!
band, cameras, disneyland, flute, friends, guys, harry potter, hp fan fiction, lemon demon(!!!), neil cicierega(he's brilliant!!!), piano, shopping, skiing, snow, softball, talking on the phone, tv, vacations